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B&D Abrasive Technologies Ltd, a dental burs manufacturer, supplies all range of burrs for both dental laboratory and dentistry clinic, including surgical diamond dental burs, tungsten carbide burrs, prophylaxis brush, dental prophylaxis polisher, diamond polisher etc., We shipped to all over the world like Middle East, Eastern Europe, South America, USA, UK etc. Free shipping and Free dental burrs samples are availabel now. Please go through our categories to get more information, you can download our catalog to view even more.

Dental burs chinese manufacturer - B&D, as one of the most famous suppliers in China, sells buy cheap dental burs online with good design, choose burr kits most suitable for you. Maybe you are looking for dental burr tools for grinder, wrench or intensive, please check our dental burs list. Our products include handpiece burs, drill burs, lab burs, surgical burs, technician burs. Wholesale dental burs is warmly welcome in B&D.


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